Saturday Night Fever 70's Disco Theme



Deciding on a theme for your event involves a lot of time and effort in getting the majority vote from your committee, or a consensus amongst friends and family. Once you have decided on the theme, whether it be a Gala Function, Fundraising Event or a personal special event, it’s time to decide on styling. The question remains the same, how do you create your vision of the theme. What are the key elements that will say “Saturday Night Fever Disco Theme” with one look, as your guests walk through the door? More importantly what theme styling will give your event the WOW factor?

Each theme has its own identifiable elements, and the styling of those items can make or break the style of your event, and have your guests mumbling that’s great, or with successful styling, you’ll see the joy reflected on their faces as the take in the room and get into the theme emotionally.

Saturday night fever was all the rage back in the disco inspired 70’s era, and the first thing most people think of is the well-known and much-loved disco ball. The disco ball is available in a range of sizes from 8cm to 100cm and combined with lighting makes an amazing impact. With the strobe lighting bouncing off of the Disco Ball and creating the 70’s disco effects, your event will be amazing.



  • Diamante mirror bases
  • LED LIGHT Operating Time 24 Hours
  • Risers with Diamante wraps is Silver or  Black
  • LED Lighting Colours White -Pink – Purple – Blue – Green- Amber -Yellow – Red – RGB
  • Decorative Translucent Pearls:  Clear -Pink – Purple – Blue – Green- Amber -Yellow – Red
  • Base Mirrors available in 40cm round to 50cm round
    note: (be sure to check the table size before booking)



Book our delivery and setup demonstration option and have your volunteers setup the centerpieces This offers the organisers a chance for some great savings on centerpieces for their event budget.

If preferred our teams can deliver and setup the centerpieces, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the day.

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