Ceiling & Backdrop Draping

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Draping for the ceiling

Soft White Ceiling Drapes   Venue: Tangles

Draping with Crystal Chandeliers
Soft White Ceiling & Backdrop Draping
Venue: Swanhill Leisure Centre
Draping with eight silks

Soft White Ceiling Drapes Venue: Showtime Events

Draping with Crystal Chandelier
Soft White Ceiling Draping Venue: Leonda by the Yarra
Draping with floral arrangement

Soft White Ceiling Drapesg   Venue: Cargo Hall

Draping with Fairy Lights
Soft White Ceiling Draping with Fairy Lights Photograph: Rydges-on-Swanston
Draping with wall drops

Soft White Ceiling Drapes with Fairy Lights Venue: Bellinzona

Draping with centre fairy lights
Soft White Ceiling Draping with Fairy Lights Venue: Country Place
Draping with crystal chandelier

Ceiling drapes with our stunning Gold Chandelier Venue: Carousel Albert Park

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