Wedding and Event Lighting

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Lighting is one of the most underrated components of event design. Without effective lighting, anything else you have in the room can be completely lost and meaningless. We now have the products that will allow you to produce simply stunning, yet, cost effective events. The applications for these products are only limited by your imagination. You can now be as creative as you wish. No wires, no searching for power sources. Place the lights anywhere you wish, including submersing them in water. These are disposable, wireless, miniature, lightweight, cool to the touch, self powered lighting units.
Large LED light base with multicolor LED lights has two function modes that allow you to pick any color combination you wish (blue, green, red, pink, clear etc)  Click the on/off button twice to cycle through the colour combinations, when you have found a colour you like press the second button to save your chosen colour. If you prefer you can leave the light base in colour changing mode.The clever LED Base produces stunning lighting effects for centrepieces incl Eiffel Tower vase with ostrich feathers.
LED Seed Lights
Submersible vase LED lights can also be used for practically any design element including costumes, masks, place settings, art lighting, interior design and accent lighting to name a few. An awesome innovation, these submersible Vase LED battery operated lights are waterproof, reusable, and wireless. They are HOT for table decorations this year, and it’s no wonder, they are perfect for lighting up vases and any water-filled table centrepiece or even throw them in your swimming pool. Each light is powered by 2 replaceable Lithium Batteries which are included. The battery life is about 50hrs. Replacement cost is around 40 cents per battery. Available in White, Amber, Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, Blue, Green. Dimensions 3cm x 2.5cm high Uses 2 CR2032 batteries

LED tea Light Candles

LED Pillar Candles

Battery Operated, switch on at the base before placing in centerpieces and touch the the top of the candle to light prior to the event.

Fantasia LED Lighting creates a perfect fairy light look with these extraordinarily beautiful light strings. Fairy Fantasia Teeny LED lights on silver wire cord are Super bright led (with a LED bluish tint) and one of the tiniest bulbs available. The LED bulb is the size of a dew drop. The extra small diameter wire has been silver plated in a special process adding to the ambiance and light reflection. Even in daylight they have bright color. You can easily shape these lights so they work great in flower arrangements, costuming, car decoration etc Not for use in wet areas

E- Spotlyte -20 Bring new dimensions into your floral arrangements and event lighting with this simple battery operated LED spot. A very smart looking product that will allow you to discreetly put the spotlight on anything you choose.

  • 20 High Pivoting Super Bright Recessed LED’s
  • Lens Focal Rotation of 10 degrees
  • Directional Base Angle of 66 Degrees
  • Ideal for Centrepieces, floral arrangements and eventing

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